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  1. Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro)
  2. The solution? It's oddly simple!
  3. Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro) – Laur IVAN
  4. Cursor jumping randomly when typing

And before you start any troubleshooting try the following steps first. Restart the computer after closing all the windows and quitting all the applications. Restarting the computer always fix so many issues, like memory leak,drivers or low-level error. It clears out all the RAM.

Check if the restarting your Mac fixes cursor erratic movement otherwise move on to the next steps. Repair Disk Permissions using Disk Utility. Repairing disk permissions fixes so many issues and repair corrupted OS X files. Check if repairing the permissions fix cursor erratic movement. Restart the computer in safe mode by holding the Shift key down at the time of boot up. If you are having trouble getting into safe mode, read the post on how to restart your Mac in Safe mode.

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The touch surface might interpret this as your finger touching it and move the pointer in that direction. Keep touch surface dry and clean. Clean your Mac, Trackpad, Keyboard and mouse regularly and wipe everything using a dry cotton cloth with a mixture of warm water and rubbing alcohol. Moisture, dirt, oil or lotion collecting on the touch surface can also cause this issue. Check if the trackpad cleaning fixed the cursor moving and clicking by itself issue.

Many users have reported success with placing a white sheet of paper underneath the mouse. If you are having issue with built-in trackpad try to put your laptop on another table, far from metallic surfaces, or from other electric devices that can produce static electric field such as printer. You can also try a different input device like another mouse or an external Trackpad, as the device itself could be faulty.

Turn the mouse over and inspect the sensor window. Use compressed air to gently clean the sensor window if dust or debris is present. Remove jewelry Jewelry might also cause interference when you use a device with a touch surface. Try removing rings or bracelets you are wearing and see whether the jumpy or erratic cursor behavior disappears. If none of the above steps solve the issue and the cursor problem persists then start following below mentioned troubleshooting to fix ghost clicking and moving or jumpy trackpad issue. Step 1: Reset SMC. The system management controller SMC is a chip in your intel-based Mac, which plays significant roles in controlling thermal and power management,keyboards and other peripherals, battery charging etc.

If the cursor still moves and clicks by itself then move on to next steps.

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Step 2: Check your trackpad whether the jumpy or erratic cursor behavior disappears. Sometimes malware, viruses, Adware or spyware infecting your computer can control the cursor and change its behaviors and settings , which can cause cursor malfunction or erratic movement. If the program finds anything, it can isolate and delete it safely.

Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro)

Check whether the jumpy or erratic cursor behavior disappears after scanning with Malwarebyte. The battery level of your keyboard will be shown in the bottom-left corner. If the batteries in your pointing devices are getting low, replace it with the new one. Your Bluetooth devices may become unresponsive and start malfunctioning because of the changes in Bluetooth settings. In such cases resetting the Bluetooth module fix so many problems. To reset the Bluetooth module you can either delete the following preferences files and restart the Mac.

The solution? It's oddly simple!

When finished resetting, reboot the Mac as usual and go through the process of connecting the Bluetooth devices back to the Mac and everything should now work fine. Check whether the jumpy or erratic cursor behavior is fixed. If you are using a wireless pointing device, you may be experiencing signal interference issues causing the cursor moving and clicking by itself and keyboard randomly typing things. Try turning off Bluetooth in System Preferences. Bluetooth devices works on 2. Keep them at least 10 meters approximately 30 feet away from your Mac. If multiple Bluetooth wireless devices are in use nearby, try turning them off one at a time to see if the issue improves.

Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro) – Laur IVAN

Step 7: Testing things in recovery mode is an universal diagnosis. Things would always work fine in recovery mode if they were affected from corrupted OS X system files. Persistence paid off when I found your post. Worked like a charm, thanks again! I made an applescript so you can toggle on and off the trackpad. Thanks for the relief from the trackpad cursor dance!! Happened once before and wore itself out after 5 days not sure why. Started again yesterday, and after hours of searching other solutions came upon yours, and so far so good!

Thanks for sharing. I bought a new 15 inch MacBook Pro and just started using it. I have the same problem.

I will be typing away and my cursor will jump somewhere else. This is such an annoying problem that no one seems to know how to solve. I originally thought my palms or hands were inadvertently touching the trackpad as I would type. It still does; then I thought I was somehow hitting two keys at once like space bar at same time I would type a comma, etc.

Still no answer. I might just make an appt down at my local Apple store genius bar and see what they have to say. Hopefully yes. It seems Apple has known about the issue. In fact, they had this support article https: Very seldom is it another letter, that starts it. But who on earth can write in that way? Where is Apple in this matter? Andreas Louis. I figured out the solution below for one application, but it might provide a more universal solution—disable the keyboard navigation key-combinations OK.

Yeah, could be. Let us know how it works after moving. Thanks Avery. Kindly let us know what Apple Genius would say if you did make an appointment with them. Thanks Joe! Thank you very much Andreas!

Cursor jumping randomly when typing

I had exactly the same problem. It worked. I had the same issue. For some of us, help is easy to find. Others, not quite so easy. This seems to be something that occurs due to a number of different causes. This really is an annoying problem for Mac OS X users, as it makes typing practically impossible. For many users, this will sort the problem out for you in no time.