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I've subscribed to the synergy mod as well as installed it manually, but nothing happens when i run torchlight from steam.

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I also tried running the modlauncher from the application found in the torchlight package, but it just sends me to the terminal and won't launch the app. Thanks again for all your work bringing this to the macos. Are you currently seeing a yellow green outline around your user avatar in Steam, indicating that the game is still running, even if it may have already been closed? I have a hunch about what this might be Last edited by PrimeDirective ; 2 Feb, 6: This might sound silly, but try rebooting and let me know if you're able to launch the game after that.

I did go ahead and restart to see if that changes anything, but sadly no. Out of curiousity, should the modlauncher run automatically if i've subscribed to something or is there a separate app i'm supposed to launch manually? I'll go ahead and un-install the game and re-download to see if that helps. The modlauncher runs automatically regardless. Same behavior as the windows version. We had to ship this morning without it, so I'm assuming that's why you didn't see it before.

But we patched it back in this afternoon. When we published the game this morning we set the Torchlight2. If a reboot does not resolve the issue, try the following: Last edited by [E] JediFreeman ; 2 Feb, 6: Glad to hear it! Could you explain better the terminal commands?

Originally posted by xmaster Well i subcribed to several mods and it even shows me i downloaded them in the Steam downloads page. Make sure steam is running. Last edited by SuperAbe ; 2 Feb, 9: Which directory are you looking at?

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Did you try launching Torchlight II directly through Steam? Yes i did lanuch directly from steam. Another option would be to try right-clicking Torchlight II from your library page, then left clicking Properties from the context menu. This MOD, being a full conversion mod, adds a lot of new content to the game. More specifically it adds: Towns in Synergies Synergies adds 2 Custom made towns Table Mountain and Selrock each one of them has it's own specific vendors.

Changes to the Balance of the Game. Synergies is built around Veteran and Elite, but the MOD itself is much harder than the Vanilla version of the game, you will notice this from the start. We plan to continue tweaking them.

Draco's Mod Collection. Packs and Mods for Torchlight 2

Crafting in Synergies - A whole new crafting system Soulcrafting , only found in Synergies for end game armor! Derinkuyu is a custom dungeon only found in Synergies.

[Torchlight] Torchlight 2 SynergiesMod First Impression

In here you will find 18 Synergies exclusive Bosses that each drop a Synergies Legendary equipment. Getting to the bosses is really hard because you have to fight your way through hundreds of unique monsters. Each and every one of the portals is guarded by a Guardian Spirit, can you defeat him? This place is filled with Ancient Trolls that try to kill you. In here you will find Synergies Legendary equipment and Legendary Skulls in order to make your character stronger, this zone is also subjected to a minor debuff making it harder to progress through without a end game load out.

Alternative leveling dungeons 4 Realms of Discord Leveling dungeon The Realms of Discord are a series of small dungeons all chained to each other. It is currently the best place to level up your characters because every monster scales to your level. In here you will find the following levels. Going into the zone and destroying the Crystals you will get to fight a series of Monsters and Bosses.

Torchlight II Windows, Mac, Linux game - Mod DB

Can you Survive all the waves and make it through this dungeon alive? Opening a portal to the Clockwork zone. You fight swarms of Champions, or boss monsters or community mercenaries depending on which one you enter. These scale to your level and can be a very interesting and fun alternative means to level. Custom Classes in Synergies - Synergies offers currently 3 custom Classes, these are: Take on the Nether or Hell itself, play a warlock!

Other Changes - The ability to find and Summon Mercenaries in order to help you with your fights, found in end game dungeons. Popular Discussions View All Daniel 13 Feb 1: Hey people. I want to combine Magnificent Souls to make an Angelic Soul but when I try to do it the game thinks I'm combining 4 rare items to make an ember so it doesn't let me do it. I suspect the culprit is a mod in Torchlight Essentials Ember Gem Upgrade so I would like to know if there is another way to combine my souls without having to deactivate Essentials in the mod loader. MOVE 28 Jan 6: The link to the Synergy website in the Mod Management Menu directed me somewhere fishy.

Cend 12 Jan 2: Anyone got this to work with any of the general passives mods? If yes which one?