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  1. McDonald's vs. Chipotle: Does the Big Mac Win?
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  4. Low Carb Big Mac Salad – You Won’t Miss the Bun!
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Serious YUM!! My husband and I loved this salad! It was more amazing than just a grilled cheeseburger on a bun. Lots of flavor! Big Mac Delicious!! I wish I had known about this salad this summer. My only problem is my WW app tells me it is worth 11 Freestyle points per serving, not 7… any idea why? Does the Canadian app calculate differently from the American app? Hi Isabelle! This was delicious!

McDonald's vs. Chipotle: Does the Big Mac Win?

I am so happy that I had leftover hamburgers in the fridge and that I stumbled on this recipe today! Love this. Thanks for the idea. I make it a lot. I just take the hamburger meat and put it in the pan and just break it up in clumps. I use lettuce, onions, tomatoes, chopped dill pickles, cheese whatever in the mood for, Blu cheese is great in it sometimes bacon bits, avocados pieces. What ever you like on a burger put it in.. I love a southwest dressing on it ex: Not plugging them just for example.

I got my son in law hooked on this salad. Thanks again. I was just wondering if you used turkey instead how many WW freestyle points is this? Your email address will not be published. Did you make this recipe? Rate it: My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control everything in moderation! You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive.

Get new post updates: Cheeseburger Salad. Print Recipe. For the Salad: In a large bowl, combine beef, salt and pepper. With wet hand, gently form into 4 equal patties. Set aside. In another large bowl, whisk together dressing ingredients. Cook hamburger patties on a grill to medium doneness, around minutes per side.

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After flipping the patties, add the onion rings to the grill. Cook onion for the remaining minutes, flipping halfway through. Allow patties to rest for minutes then cut each patty into 16 bite-size pieces. Add the lettuce, pickles, onion, avocado and tomato to the bowl. Divide the salad among 4 plates, top each with grilled onions, cheese, and 1 chopped patty.

Nutrition Information Yield: Freestyle Points: Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: You May Also Like: Updated Waldorf Salad Cups. Korean Beef Rice Bowls. I hate ketchup. Any suggestions on substitution or just leave it out?? Gina — July 27, 7: Mischa — July 26, Cynthia — July 27, 4: Heather K. Jones — July 27, 7: Sandra — July 27, Jones — July 29, Maureen — July 27, 6: I know what you mean Maureen — having it as a salad makes it feel so much lighter!

Allison — July 27, 7: Made this tonight and it was a huge hit! Thank you for the guiltless Big Mac! Cindy — July 27, 9: Made this tonight and it was delicious! I will be making this again. Heidi — July 28, 1: The dressing is the best, right!? Happy you liked the salad, Heidi! Frances Locati — July 30, Sarah — August 1, 9: Angelina Davis — August 1, 1: Gina — August 2, Ann — August 2, 9: Linda P. Gina — August 5, 8: Janet Ratcliffe — August 7, Melanie F — August 8, 2: Blanca — August 10, 9: This salad was amazing!

Will def make it again. Jess — August 23, 3: How do you think the dressing would taste made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo? Janet — September 27, 1: Shaina — August 30, 7: Summer L. Great recipe! My husband loved it. Frances — March 2, 4: Katie — April 25, 1: Gina — April 26, 9: Melissa — May 3, 8: Gina — May 3, Erin — June 14, 6: Chris — June 21, 9: Gina — June 21, 2: Jenn B. Georgia — June 26, Gina — June 26, Angie S — July 5, 9: Did i miss something?? Emily — July 11, 7: Britt — July 5, 7: Made it tonight and it was amazing! Forgot the avocado sadly… will make again with it!

Cheryl — July 23, Another keeper! My college age son enjoyed it so much that he started on a salad kick. Gina — July 24, 8: Strawberryblondebaker — August 8, 7: Beth — December 31, Bethany — January 1, 1: Made this today… very very good! Thanks for the great recipe! Denise — January 11, 6: Caitlin Roberts — January 19, 6: Whitney Guthrie — January 21, 2: Love this salad! I like to add bacon. Molly Johnson — March 8, Holly — March 14, Katy — May 9, Ann Papineau — June 19, 8: Dena — June 28, 7: Just made this salad tonight — holy moly total deliciousness!

Stacey — July 8, 3: Gina — July 8, 5: Amanda — July 16, 1: Another great recipe! Gina — July 16, 2: Jess — July 21, We made this last night fo dinner and it was delicious!

Big mac in a bowl | weight watcher recipes in | Pinterest | Big mac salad, Salad and Big mac

I used the soy sauce because I had it on hand. Easy to follow, and I had 2 lunch leftovers, which were just as awesome. Thanks very much!! So happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming back to let me know. It is quickly becoming a favorite in our home as well. Thanks so much! Quite tasty and a nice change from my regular dinner of chicken and zoodles with alfredo sauce.

Made this for dinner tonight… delicious!! Thanks Kyndra.. We love this dish! So easy and absolutely delicious! Thanks for making eating healthy feel naughty! Any chance you can calculate saturated fat and sugar amount? Hi Molly, at this time I am only calculating calories, fat, protein, total carbs, fiber and net carbs. For the rest of the information, I recommend dropping the ingredients into an app like myfitnesspal or fat secret for tracking the macros for your particular lifestyle. They are super easy peasy to use.

I made this last night. So awesome! You really cannot stop eating it! It was really really good. Definitely making this again and again! I love this blog and your updates!

The FASTEST Grand Mac Meal Ever Eaten (under 1 Minute!!)

Fast, easy and delicious! I am trying to be grain free but my husband is not. This was great for both of us. Thank you! I made this with ground turkey and I thought it was great. Will definitely make again. I assumed 4. I also used soy sauce as a replacement. You are thinking of ground sausage. Ground pork is just plain, unreasoning ground pork.

You should be able to find it in the meat section at any grocer. First let me start by saying this was aaaammmaaazing!! I however made the above mistake and was wondering why my calorie, and fat numbers were way off, now I know….. How do you think this would freeze? I am having a baby in March and this meal is really easy to make but with having two little ones, I am wanting to make a bunch of freezer meals. This meal is delicious and easy to make! I love this with pork or ground beef.

I use soy sauce, and I also scramble an egg per serving. A huge compliment! We also added a few of those skinny, crunchy chinese noodles for a little crunch and a little Kraft Sweet and Sour Sauce. OH and I eliminated the Siracha Sauce when making it for them. My sister has put it into her rotation. Says whole30 but there is typically mayo in coleslaw. Isnt that a banned item? Any idea how to replace that, or do you use a brand that doesnt have a mayo base? This is just coleslaw mix — cabbage, purple cabbage and shredded carrots. It is not a prepared coleslaw. My hubby and I started back on low carb this week and I made this recipe apart of our meal plan.

It was so great, that it will probably become a weekly staple! Even my picky 5yo loved it!! Thank you for an excellent quick and easy weeknight recipe that the whole family enjoys! I also love following you on Instagram. I always get inspired and motivated by your posts!

This was super delicious! We will definitely add this recipe to the rotation. This was really good! Made it for dinner tonight with soy sauce in lieu of coconut aminos.. Doubled it and it was delicious. The kids liked it too! Thank you for the great recipes and inspiration. Keep up the good work! This was delicious. My whole family enjoyed this.

I served it over rices cauliflower and subbed out shrimp for the pork. Would you have done anything differently in hindsight when subbing shrimp for pork? No worries thank you! Looks like an awesome recipe. I made this a few months ago, and my 21 year old son LOVED it so much so, that he ate all of what I thought I was gonna have as leftovers.

This is a seriously delicious dish! I have made this recipe every week since I found it four weeks ago! I have used both ground turkey and ground pork. Pork is tastier! BUT they are both delicious. I just made this for the first time and it will not be the last!! This was amazing! My husband and I loved it!! Thanks for sharing!

Low Carb Big Mac Salad – You Won’t Miss the Bun!

Perfect recipe for making a big batch and many lunches at work. Super tasty and so satisfying. I took a lot of fresh ginger. Thank you so much and greetings from Frankfurt, Germany. Made this tonight! Not only was EASY…. I was out of Rice vinegar so I substituted apple cider instead.

This looks so great; what are you cooking it on? It looks like a kitchen scale that can cook, lol.

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Made this tonight after eyeing it for a month. It will be in our rotation forever. Genius Recipe, beautifully written.. I could do this in my sleep from now on.. Used soy sauce and ground beef. I was shocked. I also used soy sauce instead of the coconut aminos. We put ours over white rice. Great dinner! What would you recommend as an alternative? Otherwise, I love the recipe! Is the huy fong sauce linked in the recipe really spicy? I used ground turkey and broccoli slaw in place of pork and cabbage and it was terrific!

Thank you for a fabulous recipe. I made this tonight, and we really like it!

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I will definitely use the soy sauce next time. The chili garlic sauce you mentioned my favorite! Do you have another recommendation as that will make this non-Whole30 compliant. I just started two days ago and realize how carefully I need to double check each recipe, even those that say Whole I did see regarding the soy sauce and bought the Coconut Aminos Super excited to try this recipe! This was so good I had to have a small serving of seconds! I will definitely make again. The flavours works so well together.

I think vinegar is highly underrated in cooking, it adds such a depth to the flavour! We absolutely adore this recipe! Thanks Kyndra!! I have made this twice and love it, very tasty and simple. I addes chinese 5 spice and used soy sauce. Keep up the great recipes! My kind of recipe. Easy and delicious Followed recipe to the letter except I added 3 tbsp of chili sauce. So good and even better the next day. I make this all the time! I do this because it is truly addictive and the regular recipe would never be enough for my clan.

Thank you so much for such an easy, delicious and health conscious recipe. I love your books also. Keep them coming!! Thank you so much for this comment! I have a large clan too and I was looking through ALL these comments for someone who used their own shredded cabbage and who had a suggestion for making more without just doubling or tripling the entire recipe.

Oh my! I made this yesterday for the first time and I can assure you it will not be my last time! It was SO amazing and delicious and I was sad when it was all gone! Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl was delicious. I used soy sauce, otherwise followed as written. Made enough for me to have several meals, I did not tire of it. I LOVE this!!! I doubled the ginger and garlic and sriracha, and I used dark sesame oil, and it was very, very flavorful.

Thank you for the recipe! Just want to say thank you for sharing this recipe. It is so easy and so tasty! I really enjoyed it. So good. So fast and easy. Made it last night and liked it so much that we bought more of the fresh ingredients and had it again tonight! Have you tried freezing this and eating later? I can have garlic oil but right now garlic is not agreeing. I LOVE this recipe. This is the second week eating it every day for lunch.

Hungry for More Healthy Bowls?

Instead of making the pork I throw in frozen peas at the end since I am prep cooking. There is limited cooking supplies but I can make this with a small frying pan in 3 batches and a large mixing bowl. OMG was this good for our dinner last night!! On our low carb no carb eating we are doing quite well but need to even do better. We have yummy leftovers of the eggroll bowl and will enjoy lunches this week. Thanks so much. I use Cronometer on my phone and their macro breakdown is way different than yours.

I like yours better because I can eat more…haha! Thank you. Loved this recipe! I had left overs and scrambled it with some eggs this morning and topped it with Sriracha. So good!!! This is incredible! And so so addictive! The sesame seeds are a must, and the three cloves of garlic are just perfect… I am SO making this all the time, thank you! What an awesome recipe!!!! Soooo delicious!!! Second time making this. Soooo yummy! I made it with ground chicken this time, just to mix it up. Equally as delicious.

We made this and loved it. We thought that was a nice addition. A five star keeper, in fact going to make it again, a week later tonight! I just made this….. I added more spice and a can of crushed pineapple. And topped it with cashews. Major props on this recipe Kyndra! Used a pound of organic beef instead of pork and my coleslaw came in a 16 ox bag so I just threw the whole thing in there.

This will definitely be a permanent part of the meal plan rotation. I made this tonight. I added a side of riced cauliflower with some egg to make a fried rice. The adults in the house are Keto, but the kids are not. However, it made everyone cheer. Just made this. Made a large batch of it and doubled the measurements. I used peanut oil to fry the veggies and meat, then added the sesame at the end.

Well done on this recipe. Oh my gosh this was delicious! I served it over a little brown rice. Going on my regular rotation! I love this recipe! My kids and hubby love it and we make it once a week! We serve it on artisanal lettuce spears for a crunch! So so good!! I have to triple the recipe for our family of 5 if I want any for lunches for the week because they easily can eat over a double batch some nights!

This was SO great! I left out the sesame seeds never have them on hand ,added zucchini and also added rice because my husband is not Paleo: Easily as good as from a restaurant. I never eat the same thing twice and I ate this 4 times in one week. I am currently making it again the following week. After having weight loss surgery and a complete stomach removal eating has been the worst for me!

Honestly this has made my life. It will be nice to eat like a normal person after 10 years. This was awesome! We used ground instead of pork, to make it leaner. I also waited some rides cauliflower to go with it. So yummy! I substituted ground chicken for the pork. I used fresh ginger because I had some.