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  1. Mac OS X: VoiceOver
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The focus will be on the Search text box when System Preferences opens. Start typing Universal to bring up a list of options, then use the Down Arrow key to select Universal Access and press Return.


Mac OS X: VoiceOver

To select a pane once it has focus, press the Space Bar. To move to the first control on a pane, press the Tab key on your keyboard.

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Pressing the Tab key again will move you to the next control on the pane. Press Shift Tab to move you to the previous control.

mac OS10 and voiceover

Continue pressing Shift Tab to move the focus to the pane heading. Back to Vision Keywords: Mac OS X accessibility , preferences , screen reader , seeing , settings , universal access , vision , VoiceOver.

My Mac Won't Stop Talking - How To Turn Off VoiceOver for Mac OS X | ATMac

Search for: Follow along for how to return your device back to normal. There are two common ways that VoiceOver is turned on unintentionally.

First, your iPhone may have a triple-click shortcut turned on to control accessibility features. If you have Touch ID enabled you should be able to use it to unlock your iPhone. Tap once to select the first number of your passcode and double-tap enter that number.

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Repeat this for each number or character for your passcode. Next, navigate to Settings like the photo below.

Tap once to select and double-tap to launch the Settings app. VoiceOver will be at the very top. Tap to select, and then double-tap to enter VoiceOver settings.